Why Choose Aquamax Sprinkler Systems?

We are licensed by THE STATE OF TEXAS ( LI0008514) and have general liability insurance at $2,000,000.00 per occurrence.

A computer drawing will be done for your system. Each sprinkler system has a unique design that takes into consideration the size and configuration of your yard, the planting areas, the water pressure, the number of zones required, and the hydraulic calculations to make it all work.

We install a master valve on every system ( 55 psi or higher ) to eliminate leaks in the system by taking the water pressure off the mainline when the system is not being used. This will also eliminate any possibility of the pipes freezing since there will be very little water left in the mainline when the system is not being used.

We guarantee 100% coverage on the area to be irrigated. That means no dry spots. We use the correct number of heads, proper spacing, and the nozzles for each job.

During the installation process we will water pack the ditches to make sure the soil settles at the correct level.

We use only the highest quality parts, like water proof silicon sealed underground rated wire connectors ( not tape or regular wire connectors that can corrode), rainbird brand commercial grade heads, controllers and valves, wireless rain/freeze sensors that shut water off if it rains or freezes ( not those wired versions), and uf direct burial wire.

Every head will be connected to a flex line to reduce damage from impact ( like that of a car driving over it).

As a recognized Rainbird Select Contractor, Aquamax Sprinkler Systems meets strict professional and business ethics.

We clean the yard, driveway and sidewalk. We also neatly backfill the trenches so there is no mess.

We have a 3 YEAR WARRANTY on all our systems. That includes defects in parts and workmanship. The warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it, and we do. We have been in business SINCE 1998 and have thousands of references.

We are a member of the Better Business Bureau of Dallas/Northeast Texas, the Texas Turf Irrigation Association, and the Dallas Irrigation Association.

We build a quality sprinkler system at an affordable price.

Price should not be your only concern, although it is important. If you base your decision on price alone, you generally get what you pay for which is a system that will cost you more in the long run.

Thank you for considering Aquamax Sprinkler Systems Inc. And we hope you choose us.