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Get a Green Lawn Year Round (and do no work yourself) with a New Sprinkler System Installation

Almost sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But if you have a programmable sprinkler system installed at your home, that’s exactly what it does.

Think of how you take care of your lawn and garden’s watering needs right now. Do you stand there and hold the hose for a while in the evening? Maybe you try to make your teenagers or spouse do it. How excited are they to do the work?

Or maybe you have a sprinkler you hook up to the end of the hose. Then, you move it a couple times per day, trying to make sure your entire lawn and garden gets covered.

You might also just let the weather do it, but then you have a dry, brown, and unpleasant to look at lawn.

If you’re watering your lawn using any of these methods, you’re making a big mistake because:

1. You’re watering at the wrong time. The best time to water your lawn is from 4-6 AM. This is when grass absorbs the moisture the best. The sun is also not so high that it evaporates much of the water. And, if you water at night, the water can pool and cause harmful fungus to grow.

2. Not all areas of your lawn and garden get the right amount of water. Your sprinkler throws water across your lawn, and you never really know how much water each area needs. And you also don’t know how much each area gets. Yes, moving your sprinkler does give much of your yard water.

But, when you see those dry, brown spots later in summer, you know where you’ve missed.

A New Sprinkler System Installation Keeps Your Lawn Green So You Don’t Have to Think about Watering It

At Aquamax Sprinkler Systems, we install programmable lawn irrigation and drip systems to water your lawn and garden so you don’t have to. You never have to worry about watering your lawn and garden again. And that’s because:

1. Your sprinkler system installation is custom designed for your lawn and garden. Our licensed professionals visit your home and give you a FREE quote. They get a rough idea of how to lay out your sprinkler and drip systems.

Then, they take the information they have gathered and create a precision computer drawing. This drawing shows exactly where the sprinkler heads should be placed, the right water pressure to use, and the hydraulics your sprinkler and drip system need to have to water your lawn and garden perfectly.

2. We guarantee 100% coverage. This custom computer drawing helps us layout your sprinkler and drip systems so 100% of your lawn and garden is covered. You will not find unsightly dry, brown spots during the middle of the summer.

3. We use only the highest quality parts to save on repairs and maintenance costs. Rain Bird makes the best parts in the industry, and the competition isn’t even close. Their parts last longer, are more reliable, and have the best water efficiency. Their MPR sprinkler nozzle cuts water usage by 30%, while still giving your lawn all the water it needs to grow.

4. You get a 3-year warranty. In the rare event something within our responsibility fails within 3 years, we’ll give you a sprinkler or drip system repair at no additional charge. Remember, a warranty is only as good as the company offering it. We stand behind ours, and have an A+ rating with the BBB after having served more than 30,000 customers.

5. Your sprinkler and drip system do not leak or freeze. A master valve is installed with every sprinkler and drip system. This takes the pressure off the main line, so it never leaks. It also leaves next to no water in the main line when not in use. That eliminates the chance of frozen pipes that burst or leak when it’s colder out.

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Why Let Aquamax Perform Your Irrigation or Drip System Installation in Double Oak, Texas?

We have an excellent reputation in the Double Oak area and DFW metroplex. The BBB rates us an A+, and we’ve served more than 30,000 customers in the area. In addition to that we’ve also won these awards:

– Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner
– Consumer’s Choice Award Winner
– Rain Bird Gold Select Contractor (awarded for high business integrity and water-efficient irrigation system designs)
– Best Picks Reports Award Winner

It is important to note you cannot buy these awards. The awarding organizations contact as many of our customers as possible. Then they score the feedback they receive. The companies that score the best get awards.

Aquamax Offers Sprinkler, Drip, & Irrigation Repair Too

Eventually, your irrigation or drip system will need repair. While our sprinkler systems last a long, long time, they are mechanical and will eventually require maintenance and repair. When that time comes, we’re happy to come out and perform a lawn irrigation repair for you.

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