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Need an Irrigation or Drip System Repair?

No one does it better than Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner Aquamax Sprinkler Systems. We can help you with any lawn irrigation, drip, or sprinkler system repair you might experience. You might notice:

1. One or more zones that do not water at all
2. Little to no water being sprayed or emitted by your drip or sprinkler system
3. Sprinkler heads that refuse to pop up
4. Not enough water pressure to make the water spray far
5. Large pools of water and flooding in certain areas, indicating leaks
6. A zone that will not shut off
7. Your sprinkler system uses much more water than normal
8. Even though your irrigation system is programmable, it doesn’t water your lawn at the right time

Irrigation and drip systems are not simple to maintain and operate. Sometimes, they need a repair.

Why Choose Aquamax to Perform Your Irrigation or Drip System Repair?

There’s a number of contractors willing to perform your sprinkler system repair, so why should you choose us?

Several reasons:

1. More than 30,000 satisfied customers and an A+ BBB rating. It’s our goal to give you the best sprinkler repair available. Our consistently excellent repairs and customer service have resulted in an A+ rating with the BBB. Feel free to call them and check it out.

2. Experienced, licensed professionals. Experience doesn’t count for everything, but it does mean something. We’ve been in business and serving Highland Village, TX since 1998. Our core employees have more than 100 years of combined experience, which allows them to quickly and accurately diagnose and perform your sprinkler system repair at a price that fits within your budget.

3. We’ve won many awards. Besides being an Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner, we’ve also won awards from organizations like Consumer’s Choice, Good Contractor’s List, Best Picks Reports, and Rain Bird.

You should note the only way you can win these awards is by providing consistently excellent service. Each organization contacts as many of our customers as possible, scores their feedback, and then gives awards to companies that score the best. You cannot win these awards by influencing the right people.

4. We use only the best quality parts. Rain Bird far and away makes the best sprinkler system parts. They last longer, are more reliable when in use, and they also use less water. Nobody else comes even close. This reduces the need for long-term maintenance and repairs.

5. You get a 90-day warranty for all irrigation and drip system repairs. In the rare event one of our sprinkler system repairs falls apart, we have you covered. If anything within our responsibility goes wrong with the repair within 90 days, we’ll fix it at no additional charge.

6. You can check any of our many references. We have many references available for you to check out. Feel free to ask us for one or several, and talk with each of them.

We’ve also earned many testimonials, just like this one from Norman Silver:

“…They showed up on time. Put the sprinkler system in. Everything worked out really well. And then we decided this past Spring to redo our lawn, and put a new sod in, and we needed a new sprinkler system put in here. So, again we called Aquamax. They came when they were supposed to come and put the sprinkler system in. It worked very, very well. For anyone needing sprinkler system repair or complete installation, I would highly recommend Aquamax.”

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How Much Does a Sprinkler or Drip System Repair Cost?

This depends highly on the circumstances surrounding the repair to be performed. We will check out your sprinkler system and give you a quote for the repair.

Aquamax Offers Drainage System Repair, Lawn Installation, and Sprinkler, Irrigation, and Drip System Installation Too!

If it’s related to watering your lawn, we do it. We also install sprinkler and drip systems. Drip systems use small, quarter-sized emitters that slowly “drip” water directly to the roots of larger plants. Sprinkler systems simply throw the water from a distance, and much of it gets wasted, never actually helping your plants.

In fact, we offer FREE quotes (call 972-429-0460) for this. Our professionals need to take a close look at your yard and garden’s layout to make sure we configure your new sprinkler or drip system installation so it covers 100% of both. Then we take the rough layout of your yard and garden and create a precision computer drawing.

This drawing shows us exactly where to layout your sprinkler system’s lines and heads. It also shows us the exact water pressure and the right hydraulics to use. Your lawn stays green and healthy year round, while your sprinkler system uses the least amount of water possible. You save money on your water bills and do your part to help the environment.

Drainage systems divert the flow of water away from your home’s foundation. If too much water pools around your home’s foundation, it can cause the walls to bend, bow, and crack, and that can cause major damage to your home. We do not install drainage systems, but we do repair them.

Finally, you might have purchased a new home and would like a new lawn installed. Or, maybe you’re just tired of yours and want to start out fresh. In either case, we offer lawn installation to help you.

Get Your FREE Sprinkler, Drip, or Irrigation System Quote Today in Highland Village!

You get a FREE quote for all new installations. You’ll learn what needs to be done, and how much it’s going to cost.

To get your FREE quote, call Aquamax at 972-429-0460 or contact us online.

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